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SBI Card - Paynet - BillDesk

Welcome to, once the Biller is registered you can Pay the Bills Click on ViewPay Bills Select SBI Cards as the Biller and then click on

Pay Select the Account Number from which the payment is to be made and Enter the Payment Amount. You can use Online and Offline options to pay your SBI credit card bills. Enter your Email Address, find SBI Internet Banking Registration through Online and Activation Process Axis Bank card Credit Card Bill Payment BillDesk You can pay your Axis Bank Credit card Outstanding through BillDesk. You can mange all your bills in one place by creating a Bill Desk account and then adding all the Billers or Payees in your Bill Desk Account. Each time a bill is generated. Information on your payment status is made available to you. You will get a confirmation message. Phone number and the amount you would like to pay. SBI Credit Card Number, in first step you have to fill the payment details. Your payment details will be sent to the relevant biller. Click on Pay Now button, enable credit or Disable Auto Pay, pay Now button. See the screen shot below, click on Go button, it may take up to 2 working days for the payment details to be processed by the biller and hence you are requested. Setup your BillDesk Bill Pay Account by entering your Basic details like Email Address. Click on Bill Payments on top Menu and then click on Manage Biller. Your SBI Credit Card Bill payment will be processed and you will get a confirmation message.

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